The UN Climate Summit begins in New York City on September 23rd, and this Friday, there will be a global climate strike spearheaded by youth activist Greta Thunberg. 

C-U will participate in the strike, led by Students for Environmental Concern at the University of Illinois. From the press release: "University employees, community members, labor groups, and local leaders are encouraged to join the students to march in solidarity against complacency, inaction, and injustice on climate change."

There will be two marches — on the Main Quad and the North Quad — that will step off at 10:30 a.m. and convene at 11:45 at the Anniversary Plaza. A rally and speeches will begin at the Alma Mater at 12 p.m.

The College of Fine and Applied Arts is also organizing action for that day, beginning at the Bell Tower on the South Quad at 12 p.m. with sharing of work from Art + Design and Dance students and faculty. The event will then move to the open field on east side of Siebel Design Center construction site, with performances by Jennifer Monson + Dance, Melissa Pokorny’s ARTS 280, and Ryan Griffis’s ARTS 445. The aim is to "create a collaborative laboratory of performers and visual artists employing experimental approaches to engage participants in this pressing issue. The intention is to foster understanding, awareness and encourage mobilization."

Image from UIUC Climate March Facebook event