Retro Via is a new project based in C-U, and they have a new record on the way, The Smoke & The Linger, which comes out this Saturday, May 16th. We're debuting a track here on Smile Politely this morning, "Western Sun", ahead of the release. You can stream it below.

In addition, read more about the band below, and while you're at it, check out their fundraiser for C-U Better Together, which provides aid and relief in a variety of capacities to families in the area.

From Retro Via:

Retro Via is the musical endeavor of five long-time friends from Central Illinois. With diverse backgrounds in music and genres, they spent a year devoted to songwriting and developing their sound together before recording their debut EP, The Smoke and the Linger (released in 2020). The five-piece band is made up of:

  • Vocalist & Guitarist - Jared Michael Prince
  • Lead guitarist - Jordan Van Wynen
  • Bassist & Vocalist - Bradlee Barcus
  • Drummer - Blaine Wright (of Year of the Bobcat and Earthholder)
  • Saxophone & Keyboardist - Brett Anderson

The Smoke and the Linger EP:

Retro Via's Debut EP, The Smoke and the Linger, is set to be released on May 16th. Recorded with local audio engineer Nolan Osmond, at LARGE and Earth Analog Studio, this 4 song album is only the introduction of what they hope to do!  With a combination of honest story-like lyrics and music that can rock socks off, you are sure to be left satisfied and smiling. Lyricist and vocalist Jared Prince said, "These songs deal a lot with all those THINGS that are hard for us to leave behind. So we carry it around, the good and bad things." For Retro Via, those stories have helped them create a great debut worth checking out!

IMAGE: Cover art for Retro Via's album the Smoke and the Linger. Provided by Retro Via.
​Artwork provided by Retro Via.

IMAGE: Album art featuring a woman in a white dress drinking from a glass, and a man smoking a cigar. The album art features a tracklisting as well. Photo provided by Retro Via.
Artwork provided by Retro Via.

Top image is album art provided by Retro Via.