Eric Meyer, longtime owner of KAM's, has sold the longtime campustown staple. Located at 618 E. Daniel Street C, the incoming owners say that they will continue to run KAM's as usual.

Here's Meyer's statement from The Gazoo:

I have sold my interest in Kam's after 27 years. The buyers plan on running Kam's as normal and will reopen for the school year," Meyer said in an email Wednesday evening. "I want to thank my great staff, our students, alumni and the great university community."

There are plenty of rumblings about what will happen where KAM's exists. We saw what happened with the Illini Inn — the property bought up, demolished, and rebuilt with the Illini Inn existing at the same place, all brand new. So we shall see what happens with KAM's and this block of Daniel Street.

I have a feeling it will continue to be the invasion we've seen happen in Campustown.

Top photo by Scott Wells.