This year's Innovation Celebration by Champaign County EDC took place this past Friday evening at Parkland College, and here are the winners from the event (watch the videos as well):

Winners in bold:

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Social Venture Award

Serve as change agents by creating and implementing sustainable solutions to reshape society, benefit humanity, and address social concerns. 

  • The Land Connection
  • New American Welcome Center at the University YMCA
  • Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Student Startup Award

Formed by students in the last three years and demonstrates a commitment to continuing success through entrepreneurial talent, creativity and energy.

  • RingWing, LLC
  • HexNest
  • DeepWalk

Entrepreneurial Excellence: New Venture Award

Formed in the last three years, and demonstrates a commitment to continuing success through entrepreneurial talent, creativity and energy.

  • AirScout, Inc.
  • EarthSense, Inc.
  • SimBioSys, Inc.

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Paul Magelli Advocacy Award

Actively engage, encourage, coach and mentor entrepreneurs in the community, and provide extensive support to help them achieve success.

  • Mark Aardsma
  • Edwin Moore
  • Roland Garton

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Management Award 

Demonstrates expertise in assembling resources, creating an organization, and working to build and implement effective action plans. 

  • Landon Frye, Jake Kreider, and Sophie Roney - Granular, Inc.
  • Shira Epstein and Dan Epstein - Champaign Outdoors /
  • James Langer - Serionix

Innovation: Economic Development Impact Award

Has made a significant economic development impact in the community and continues to demonstrate their commitment to Champaign County.

  • Small Business Incentive Program (City of Champaign)
  • Lodgic Everyday Community
  • Matt Cho (Cake Design Development)

2019 Innovation Transfer Award—University of Illinois 

Recognizes an individual or group from the University of Illinois whose research has resulted in either a discovery or a work with the potential for significant societal impact.

  • Dr. Andrew Alleyne – Thermosys™ / POETS Engineering Research Center

2019 Alexis Wernsing Innovation Award—University of Illinois

Recognizes an individual or team from the University of Illinois that has channeled their experience living with a disability into positive change through the creation of new products, environments, or protocols that enhance quality of life. 

  • Adam Bleakney - Illinois Wheelchair Athletics

2019 Innovation in Engagement Award—Parkland College 

Recognizes an individual or group at Parkland College who has shown support of the college’s community engagement mission. 

  • Peg Boyce - Dental Hygiene Program