Espresso Royale has launched a new app that makes ordering your favorite beverage or snack a much easier process. It streamlines all of the locations into one place. Before, you had to go to the specific website for whichever location you wanted to visit.

If you download the app now, you can get a $5 reward. Then, you earn a point for every dollar you spend with another reward after every 50 points you accumulate.

If you'd rather access ordering and rewards on your computer, they've set up a new ordering site

The app's menu is really clear and easy to navigate, and even includes little photos of each item you are ordering. It's a huge improvement. 

The app and ordering site allow you to pre-order from the Village Green, Krannert View, and Stadium Plaza locations. You'll need to order onsite at those located in campus buildings.

Top photo from Espresso Royale Facebook page.