We'd heard rumors, and known that it was a possibility for months, and while the developers still can't confirm it officially, it seems pretty clear that the new tower developed by Core Spaces at 6th and Green will include a City Target

The News-Gazette got the scoop by being good sleuths on the internet, and Core Spaces admitted that these renderings shouldn't have been on there, but hey! it's the internet and this is nature of how social media is going to end everything, once and for all. 

Personally, I can't wait for that. The end will be good. 

Until then, I'll take a City Target in Campustown for sure. I mean, that's better than a City Walmart by a longshot, and in the end, it's the sort of anchor to a building that helps attract the right kind of attention to a competitive campustown. The building will replace a number of prime campustown buildings, including what was Clybourne and Firehaus

Also, there's going to be a Jimmy John's, which you might be surprised to learn actually makes a decent sandwich, and whose corporate headquarters are located close by in Champaign. 

Also, it's worth noting that Core Spaces is who developed "The Whopper" on 4th and Green, which remains the only decent and attractive "skyscraper" in Campustown. So, it's good to have them back in the game here, as opposed to the other developers, who basically built Soviet-era housing projects with hipster names. No ill will, but you know, that HERE building makes me want to cry. 

Images from Core Spaces Website