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Check out C-U ex-pat Alleya Weibel’s new music video

Though violinist Alleya Weibel isn't based here anymore, she hasn't stopped playing and performing music as we knew her to do when she was based in C-U. She's taken her talents across the pond to London to continue that work. Late last week, she released a music video which showcases a few pieces that she's covered as a medley, which you can check out now for yourself.

Weibel graduated from the U of I a few years ago and played in numerous local bands for a long time in C-U. Since leaving the area, she's spent a couple of years continuing her music career through touring internationally, though the pandemic has lead her to mostly focus on recording work.

All of the credits are listed in the description of the video on YouTube. Check it out:


Top image by Brandina Chisambo.


Watch these otters absolutely demolish some fish popsicles

This is the content we need for our Thursday morning:

I get pretty excited about popsicles too.
For live and in person otter content, zip on over to Miller Park Zoo for an afternoon. It's a nice little zoo that's worth the drive, nestled in a really lovely park over in Bloomington. At the end of May, paddle boats, mini-golf, and the splash pad will be available at the park.
Miller Park Zoo
1020 S Morris Ave
M-Su 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Top photo from Miller Park Zoo Facebook page.

WILL recognized Autism Awareness Month with a read aloud of Jero's Journey

A year ago, I spoke with Mallory Robertson about her son Jeremiah (Jero), now a freshman at Centennial High School. Jeremiah, with the help of Robertson and her husband Prince, authored the children's book Jero's Journey, to help kids understand what it's like to navigate the world as someone with autism. 

April is Autism Awareness Month, and WILL Education featured a read aloud of the book with Prince and Jeremiah:

Top photo provided by Prince and Mallory Robertson.

Watch James Hathaway (of Truck Parts) perform “Fangorn Forest” in new video

James Hathaway, frontman of Truck Parts, and member of Hathaways, is debuting this video for his track "Fangorn Forest" by way of JAPRO's Bedroom Broadcast series. Hathaway describes the meaning behind the song, which he describes as "an homage to Middle Earth and Tolkien-lore."

Hathaway filmed, recorded, and engineered the video and song in conjunction with guitar luthier James Meggas and Mothertone Drums founder Michael Turner. Hathway described his experience to me: "They had built these incredible instruments which I had been following closely in the early stages of development. When the designs were finished, I wanted to be one of the first people to show them off to the world."

You might be curious what Hathaways are up to these days. During the pandemic, the Hathaway siblings were split between the U.S. and Australia, though they have been working on material from a distance, and look forward to playing shows again when the time comes.

Watch the video below, and learn more about the song from the YouTube description:

Top image from the YouTube video.

An Illinois gymnast is going viral for flashing his vaccination card

Illinois Men's Gymnast Evan Manivong nailed his vault, then proudly whipped out his COVID vaccination card, which was tucked into his uniform. His epic flex has made national news.

This is quality content.

Screenshot from Illinois Men's Gymnastics Twitter.


Watch unearthed footage of Braid’s 1997 show at Fireside Bowl

Yesterday, Brooklyn Vegan posted a series of videos from 1990s punk/emo bands performing at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, one of which happened to be C-U outfit Braid. There's a whole slew of acts they have new footage of, including Mineral, Rainer Maria, Unwound, Alkaline Trio, and more.

Watch the video below, which features an early version of a standout Braid track "New Nathan Detroits" from Frame & Canvas.

Top image from the video.


Let’s all relive the greatest Illini basketball comeback ever

Sixteen years ago today, Illini basketball fans were taken on an emotional journey as our almost undefeated (thanks a lot Ohio State) team came from a 15 point deficit with just four minutes left to force an overtime and eventually make it into the Final Four.

I know we might still be in mourning after last Sunday, but let's just remember this glorious day in Illini basketball history as we start our weekends.

Top photo from


This clip of Roger Ebert and Steve Harvey at 1998 NAACP Image Awards is a real treat

Over the weekend, this tweet came back through on my Twitter feed, and was such a delight I have to share it here because of its local relevance. The clip features Roger and Chaz Ebert at the 1998 NAACP Image Awards, which was hosted by Steve Harvey that year.

Roger Ebert and Harvey have a quick interaction, which seemed to be part of what he was doing throughout the ceremony, picking out audience members to identify clips from songs. Harvey asks Roger where his "partner" was (which admittedly as I was watching it initially, I was thinking Harvey was referring to Gene Siskel of Siskel & Ebert fame), in which Roger points out that his wife, Chaz, was sitting right next to him. The rest I won't spoil for you, because the clip is too good. Plus, Chaz responded, so I've included that tweet here as well.

As the main author responds to his own tweet, "I promise this will improve your mood."

Top image from Twitter.


Who is buried in Allerton’s pioneer cemeteries?

Archaeologists from the Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS) are using a "3D structured light scanner in conjunction with archival data" to attempt to decipher the names and dates on the headstones in the two cemeteries. Early settlers from the mid to late 19th century are buried there. 

The ISAS is recording the process. You can check out their work in this video:

Top image from Illinois State Archaeological Survey.

Former Illinois basketball player Meyers Leonard drops anti-Semitic slur on gaming stream

Former Illinois men's basketball player Meyers Leonard, who currently plays for the Miami Heat, is under fire for dropping an anti-Semitic slur during a streaming session of the video game Call of Duty.

Leonard, who went to high school in Robinson, Illinois, graduated from the U of I in 2012, drafted #11 overall by the Portland Trail Blazers.

Leonard was in the news last year for standing during the national anthem while simultaneously pledging his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here's the video which contains the slur, so be forewarned before viewing.

Top image from Twitter.