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Engineering Open House 2017: A mind-bending display

This past weekend I went to the 2017 Engineering Open House on the U of I campus. Inquiring minds of all ages came to the campus and enjoyed booth after booth of sweet, mind-bending, scientific experiments. I went and took video and photos of the coolest exhibits I could find. I can't explain the science to you, but I can show you some cool photos. Enjoy. 

Here's a 1-minute video recap of my visit:

Check out photos and video of the most interesting displays at EOH 2017. 

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Research Park

One step younger: The Academy High info session

Academy High's info session had one simple goal: gauge community interest. Expecting less than a hundred at each info session it was a major breakthrough that over 400 people attended throughout the day. For Academy High, this is good news, but while there is interest, but will they be able to perform up to expectations?

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