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Volition blasts into new era with Agents of Mayhem

Walking around the second and third floors of One Main plaza, home of video game developer Volition, there was a feeling of readiness. Instead of a frantic flurry of people finishing their tasks at the eleventh hour, the employees looked relaxed. Their work was basically finished. It’s Monday morning, and after more than four years of preparation, the release of the company's brand new game, Agents of Mayhem, is imminent.

For those unaware, Mayhem is a departure from Volition’s prior work in more ways than one. The game, set in a futuristic Seoul, Korea, is heavily inspired by the cartoons of the eighties and nineties the developers grew up on, and follows a team of elite agents on a quest to save the world from the evil organization L.E.G.I.O.N. It’s a fun, Saturday-morning premise that’s matched with an equally cheery aesthetic: lots of the game's story is told through 2D animations (capturing that G.I. Joe vibe), and the open world the player roams is filled with bright, bold colors.

The time has come for Volition to release their much-anticipated Agents of Mayhem game, and Jonah checks out the studio and speaks with the developers about the release.

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One step younger: The Academy High info session

Academy High's info session had one simple goal: gauge community interest. Expecting less than a hundred at each info session it was a major breakthrough that over 400 people attended throughout the day. For Academy High, this is good news, but while there is interest, but will they be able to perform up to expectations?

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