I've always enjoyed Urbana's Market at the Square, and in recent years I've participated as a community organization leader, chatting up causes I'm passionate about with market-goers, hitting up food trucks, wandering the rows to see what tasty items catch my eye. Needless to say, the market is different this year. No more community organizations, fewer vendors, less music, less conversation, less wandering. 

However, it's been an opportunity to have a small slice of "normal" during this crazy time we are living in. Because of the diligent care and planning we've seen from Market at the Square and the Champaign Farmers Market, our community has been able to support our farmers and other vendors in a safe way. I attend both every week, where in previous years I'd get there every once in awhile. During every visit I see attendees and vendors masked and distancing has been easy to do. 

We all need to find ways to safely stay connected to our community, and I'm grateful the Market at the Square and Champaign Farmers Market for providing that opportunity. Be sure to follow Market Watch each month to see what you can expect to find while you're there. 

Photo by Alyssa Buckley.