Go check out the poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction offerings in this summer's web edition of Ninth Letter, a collaborative arts and literary project produced by the Creative Writing Program and School of Art & Design at the University of Illinois. All use "Climate" as the overarching theme. From editor Zacariah McVicker:

"From the unaided perspective of the individual, climate might be a mere collection of weather data sourced across some amount of time in a centralized place in space—on this planet, in this corner of the world, on this coast or up in that mountain range or over here in this flyover midland. But we’ve all felt the climates of our internal landscapes, the cerebral and the bodily spheres, and how they acclimate or resist the external. Or we’ve mourned or spurned changes in tradition and culture, from lost family practices in efficient laundering to experimentation with sustainable cuisine. And though we’d probably use a whole slew of different words in politics—depending on where we stand, maybe even depending on our exact places in space, at exact places in time—I’ve certainly felt a pressure change in the air."

If you haven't yet purchased their Spring/Summer 2018 journal, you can still do that here.