Chambanamoms reports that a new children’s museum is opening  at Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana. Spark Museum + Play Café is opening Mid- May, with the aim to encourage innovation and creativity within the children of the community.

The space will be transformed into an 8,000 square-foot play space where both children and adults can interact, relax, eat, and enjoy the atmosphere of the museum. It will also include designated areas for infants, two treehouses, a “pizza factory” station, “Way Things Work Factory,” a “Wiggle Factory,” and a “Create and Build Factory,” and more.

Executive director Sonya Darter and her co-founder, Megan Gillette, have spent nearly two years on the project, and they hope to collaborate with college and university minds to “bring in new ideas and keep the technology fresh,” Gillette said.

The specific age target for this museum is children from newborn to 8-years-old.

The Cafe will feature organic foods and a variety of drinks.

Admission is expected to be $5 for kids and adults. Spark will be open Wednesday-Sunday. Birthday parties, private parties and corporate events are available.

Photo by Kodo Kids.