This time last year I discovered something wonderful: the Thanksgiving Zone from D.P. Dough. Here is how I described it:

"It has your Thanksgiving dinner all tucked nicely into a pocket of dough. There's turkey, stuffing, and gravy, then some American and mozzerella cheese to bind it all together, and you get some cranberry sauce to dip it in."

Let's be honest, Thanksgiving is a mess this year. If you are (hopefully) like our family, you've decided to forgo your traditional gatherings. Maybe you're going to attempt to do all the Thanksgiving cooking on your own. Maybe you've decided to get a little help with the fixins' from one of the many restaurants that are offering them. 

The Thanksgiving Zone offers another valid option. It's a weird and stressful year, so why not save all the dishes and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal all in one convenient package. If you go this route, be sure to give them a call and see if they are open Thanksgiving day. Otherwise you may need to push your meal to the next day. 

If you're still forging ahead with the big meal, you really should find a way to order this before it goes away until next year. Seriously, it's good. 

Photo by Julie McClure.