I had lunch at Seven Saints today, and was reminded of what I enjoy about their menu — that it allows me to sample all the things.

In general, I just like food a lot. I was quite picky as a child, but now my tastes are wide-ranging, and as a result I often have problems choosing what I want from a menu, because in many instances, I would eat pretty much anything on it. Couple this with the fact that my regular dining partner is typically not interested in sharing entrees, and I end up making a choice, enjoying it, but also longing for one of the other items I was considering.

All this to say, Seven Saints offers me an opportunity to indulge this indecisiveness with their array of opportunities for food combos. The slider menu alone lends itself to this. Want a Chicago dog, bacon cheeseburger, AND a fried chicken sandwich? You can have all of these in slider form and not feel like you are going to die. But what I gravitate towards is the slider/salad/soup/side/sandwich combo menu. Today I opted for just the slider and salad, perfect for lunch. Hungrier than that? Throw in a side or soup as well and you have a full meal and you've sampled three different items. Marvelous.

Now, I could carry this into the appetizer menu as well (Saints and Sinners platters FTW), but I will save that for another splog. 

Photo by Julie McClure