I read on Facebook that Seaboat in Champaign is closing down after 20 years of service. I called the restaraunt today to find out if this was true. I spoke with an employee who filled me in:

Yes it's true. Our last day is August 24th. The owners are in their 70's and they're tired. They've got no one to turn the business over to so we are closing. I don't know if there will be any specials come Monday or not. 

The post I read on Facebook told a different story. Here's an excerpt:

Champaign / Urbana we are literally watching people, places & things Crash & Burn in our face! And many of us have something to do with! I am fed up with our hateful, jealousy, backbiting, lying, non supportive behavior! Something simple like shopping with your Local Black Businessman is major in the dinamics of a community!

The truth surely is in between both stories and likely several more. We don't know exactly why the Seaboat is closing, we just know that we will miss their delicious fried fish and addictive tartar sauce.