Rodney Lee Davis, a United States Congressman representing our district, IL-13, recently sat down with Mark Maxwell of WCIA for an interview that will air on Sunday, August 12th. According to a tweet from Maxwell, Davis allegedly said that he thinks Mexican immigrants (or at least one) are sexual predators and that immigrants could carry infectious diseases like tuberculosis. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Here's the tweet:

Notice the language in the tweet: a Mexican immigrant and immigrants in general. Let's offer him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps Davis went to a jail and met someone who was convicted of a crime of a sexual nature. Perhaps he is someone who suffered terribly from Pott disease, a type of tuberculosis that can affect the spine, and he is very concerned for people in the U.S. 

Or, perhaps Davis is a feckless, intellectually and morally bankrupt person who is incapable of independent thought. Perhaps he is actually a robot spewing out garbage produced by other garbage humans months ago. You'd think he might at least put in a little effort to please his overlords. He's not even creative in his disgusting, racist utterings. 

I think it’s also important to note that today is Thursday, and this interview airs on Sunday. That’s a four-ish day promo with a sensationalist lede. This cycle we’re all trapped in is almost as disgusting as Davis’ thoughts and word vomit. And yet…

There's really nothing left to say except please get out and vote in November.

Top photo from Twitter