Acidfuneral 酸葬儀 is a new local artist that recorded the backbone of the album 放浪者 wanderer, released via Swampkult Productions, over a 24 hr period and then spent the next three months adding layers to the backbone to finish up the album.

From the artist:

酸葬儀 acidfuneral is a new, local atmospheric black metal band (and I use the term black metal very loosely here) that is set to release a debut album on November third. 酸葬儀 acidfuneral - "放浪者 wanderer" is an absolute trip that drags you into the unknown, from huge, ambient leads to hellish blasts and extreme emotions- there's very little time to catch your breath once the album picks up. The bones of the album were written and recorded in a single day in July of 2017, with the following three months being spent building and building upon these ten short songs. 酸葬儀 acidfuneral attempts to capture the feelings and emotions of 2017 chambana, through atmospheric leads and bold lyrics emulate the essence of campus life in a new, very dim and hopeless light. The lyrics speak in first person of other worlds and their link into the realm of dreams- the connections between the stars and these fabrications of the human mind. Simply put, "放浪者 wanderer" is about experiencing dreamscapes...all of them.

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