After Smile Politely named Mr. Eggwards both the WORST and the BEST new sculpture in C-U in 2017, it created a small stir amongst those in the arts scene. I wrote the piece for its commendation, and I still think it is an odd and playful bit of work in an otherwise boring landscape of public art in Downtown Champaign. 

This past weekend during the PRIDE festivities, someone decided to get ol' Mr. Eggwards in on the action. And despite the fact that the message doesn't really align with anyone's personal beliefs on acceptable behavior, anthropomorphic characters showing a little razzle dazzle and eccentric costuming goes a long way in my book. In the end, Mr. Eggwards is Humpty Dumpty, so it works. 

Stay crazy, you silly man, you. Nice eyebrows, too. 

Photo credit: Internet