An initiative is being held to help local restaurants become Kosher certified. The plan is being headed by headed by Illini Hillel and the Orthodox Union Jewish Learning Initiative on the U of I campus.

So far, Cold Stone Creamery in Champaign and Dancing Dog in Urbana will be the first two to receive the certification. According to Illini Hillel, these will be the only two restaurants Kosher certified in Illinois, besides those in Chicago.

Owner of participating restaurant Dancing Dog, Brian Behrns told WANDtv that, by owning an establishment that primarily serves vegan food, he understands how hard it can be to find restaurants that meet a person’s ethical standards.

The hope is that this intiative will encourage more restaurants within the community to become certified, making it easier for those practicing this lifestyle to enjoy the community. If being Kosher will make eating establishments more accesible to the Jewish community, I don’t see why others would not follow. CU should continue to strive to be an accepting community where people of all beliefs and religions can enjoy all it has to offer.

Photo courtesy of Dancing Dog in Urbana, IL.