Latea is a new latea lounge located at 601 S. Green 6th Street, which recently celebrated its grand opening a few weeks back.

The decor is attractive upon first walking in — it's clean and modern with inviting neutral tones. The attention to details, such as the adorable plant on each table, and the cafe-like atmosphere impressed those around me as well. It seemed like the perfect place to socialize or possibly do work.

Latea's menu also captured my attention. With flavors such as Brown Sugar, Salted Caramel, and Vanilla, I wanted to try all at once. However, in my excitement, I simply chose a small Caramel Bubble Tea with boba ($5) and no ice (I never have ice with anything but water).

The drink itself matched the concept of Latea — interesting with subtle familiar tones. Its caramel flavor took some time to adjust as it's unusual for a bubble tea and seems more fitting for a coffee-related drink. However, it paired well with the tea, which wasn't overwhelming at all. Even without ice, it being room temperature didn't hinder the taste. Though they were small, the boba were the highlight of the drink; nice and chewy, they provided an enjoyable end to a pleasant drink.