As a human in this world, I find the inundation of food-shaming at this time of year unbearable. I'm not immune to it, and the other night I found myself dining out at Watson's, fretting over the calories I'd consume by ordering what I really wanted, a Nashville hot chicken sandwich with potato wedges. 

I found a compromise that made me feel better, even if in reality the net calories were equivalent: Share an order of fried okra ($7), and get the Nashville hot chicken on top of a salad ($14). 

Okra might be a vegetable I am basically only interested in eating when fried, but it's a vegetable all the same. The bounty salad is made of lacinato kale, roasted zucchini, onion, slow roasted tomatoes, and sunflower seeds — all excellent sources of vitamins and fiber. The Nashville hot fried chicken is my favorite, and it rounds out the salad to make it it a meal. 

I've also had the Nashville hot chicken on the house salad ($13, picture at top), and it's equally delicious. 

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