The Yards development project in Downtown Champaign continues to take shape, and this week, the City of Champaign's City Council discussed the funding component from their end towards the project. Within the last couple of weeks, MTD agreed to contribute $25M "conceptually" to the $250M project, and the City of Champaign's plan would be to provide $35M over the course of 18 years to the project through various incentives and bonds from this area. You can read all about that over at The News-Gazette as they've combed through this to answer questions about the funding methods and such.

You can check out the whole council report from the Council Study Session here, which is where some of the renderings and site plans have come from. Core Spaces has outlined the diagram of Component B and C for you to check out below, and there's an additional Component A which would be a parking garage.

So, things are taking shape for this monster development that would change the scope of Downtown and Midtown significantly.

While you're at it, take a look at our Editorial Board piece about parking and infill development in Champaign-Urbana. Plus, another piece about the Division I hockey program potential.

Below are two conceptual designs, which were detailed in this report. These are not final designs, but this is a pretty good look at what is possible in the future:

Renderings and site plans from City of Champaign, Core Spaces, and other council reports.