Urbana native Sasha Velour got her start here at C-Street, but is now nationally known thanks to winning season nine of RuPaul's Drag Race. This segment from Good Morning America aired back in June, during Pride, and it's a interesting look at Velour's process while she discusses her thoughts on drag.

Velour is coming back to C-U on September 14th to perform her "one-queen" show Smoke & Mirrors. From Krannert Center's website: "Smoke & Mirrors, Velour’s first one-queen show, is an effortless blend of drag, visual art, and magic. Velour introduces audiences to a whole new side of her artistry through 13 dazzling and genre-busting lip-synch performances, all directed and choreographed by the queen herself. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as she explodes into rose petals, vanishes in a poof of smoke, saws herself in half, conjures a rainstorm, even transforms into a tree in front of your eyes (to name just a few). But the real magic is the way that these illusions and deceptions serve to unmask deeper truths, sparking fresh analysis of gender, fame, family, and the importance of dreaming big and living life over-the-top."

Tickets are available beginning August 19th, and they are free. There will be a two ticket limit per person. 

Photo from Facebook event