When the Orpheum Children's Science Museum closed its doors in June, it didn't really go away. While it will no longer exist in the Orpheum Theatre building, the organization is still functioning and looking ahead to how the museum can rebuild. 

They are looking for input from the community to develop a plan for the future. Some options they are considering, from their recent newsletter:

  • Establish a new location for in-person science education, creating a similar experience for our guests under a new roof, focus on developing new and exciting exhibits
  • Bring science education to existing organizations: Skip the brick and mortar museum, setup “exhibits” like the downtown storefront solar system; being a resource and not maintaining one
  • Dedicate completely to camps and events
  • Create a scholarship or fund for others to explore the sciences 

They are also open to other ideas. To offers your thoughts, send an email to info@orpheumkids.org.

Screenshot from the Orpheum Children's Science Museum Instagram page.