Yes, that appears to be a lot of presents above.

Look, I have a little boy who is almost four. This is really the first moment that he really "gets" what the prospect of Christmas means to a kid. He now understands that Santa brings him toys if he's good, and he has opinions and preferences, and quite frankly, this is a wonderful development. I get to live vicariously through him, and in the end, there's literally almost nothing better than watching your little one's eyes widen as they rip open a package to reveal what is inside. 

But as a parent who doesn't have much patience for wrapping every little stocking stuffer for my little guys (we have an 11 month old as well, and he gets a few things, and my wife gets a few bangers too), I cannot tell you the kind of relief I felt having the volunteers at Habitat for Humanity wrap all of my gifts at Market Place Mall yesterday.

Look what they did to that pile of schlock! 

Technically, this is a donation only situation. Pay what you want. But seriously, you should pay at least $1 per wrapped gift, and another $1 if they use one of their boxes, and then, you should "tip" on top of that. You are literally donating money to Habitat for Humanity, an organization that spends every moment of every day sorting through how to provide living accomodations for families in need, or whose homes have been ruined by travesty.

All they do is help people, and here they are going to help you, so be a team player and pony up for the service. 

So Merry Christmas, y'all! If you celebrate, that is.

And if you don't, that's OK. Don't let anyone shame you into feeling like you have to accept their version of season's greetings.

Those people are literally morons and are ruining the future of this potentially great nation.