There's a lot to be upset about these days. However, chocolate is one of the things in life we can enjoy in the comfort of our own homes, and eat it to excess if we so choose. No one is judging you, especially during the pandemic.

Yes, I am projecting. I am the one who is overeating chocolate at home. You got me.

Anyway, Chicago Tribune is reporting that Ferrero — which produces Nutella, Crunch, 100 Grand, SnoCaps, Butterfinger, and many, many more recognizable brands — has announced they will plant their first ever North American chocolate manufacturing center not too far away from C-U in Bloomington, an area we cover on occasion here at Smile Politely. The expansion is estimated to cost $75M.

Don't worry, I won't bother by inserting any references to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Top image from Ferrero's website.