My coffee tastes are quite seasonal. I want to be warmed up in the winter and refreshed in the summer. So it was quite fitting that today was the day I got to try out Espresso Royale's new nitro-charged cold brew coffee. It's called N7, since nitrogen has an atomic number of 7; something that I knew my sophomore year of high school, but was reminded of today. The nitro brewing machine pulls nitrogen out of the air and infuses it into the coffee, creating a smooth, somewhat creamy taste with very little bitterness. 

You "room for cream" folks (I'm usually one of those when it comes to cold brews) should try it without. It really isn't needed. And if straight up coffee taste isn't your thing, you can a try Grasshopper N7, with mint and chocolate flavoring, a Vanilla N7, or a Bourbon Charged N7, which has an added shot of bourbon barrel espresso. I wasn't ready for that level of caffeination this afternoon.

The N7 brews can be found at select campus locations including Daniel Street, Oregon and Goodwin, and the Undergraduate Library.