Hark! The Champaign Center Partnership has finally parted ways with those ghastly tinsel Xmas trees that used to adorn the light poles in Downtown Champaign, and has purchased 35 new large wreaths, which are illuminated and wrapped with garland. 

I've long been a fan of holiday decor, despite my misgivings about so much related to the holiday, and its religious underpinnings. I just... like the way it makes me feel, I guess. For some reason, a well lit and decorated Downtown against a snowy backdrop is cause for glee. Here's a photo I took some five years ago. I look at it sometimes. Because I need more glee in my life, folks. Less pain. More glee. 

Anyhow, they are accepting sponsorships for each pole at $100.00 each, and that will go to pay for maintenance, staffing, etc etc for each of them. I think that's a steal, honestly, for the amount of people that will see who sponsored them. Just from an advertising perspective. 

It's nice to see this starting to come to fruition. With such a wonderful event like the Parade of Lights each year, a project like this, along with the future Plaza Park, will give Downtown a nice boost come early winter each year.