I've always thought of Collective Pour as just a craft beer bar, which is certainly is — just look at the wall length row of taps behind the bar. However, I am just learning that they do monthly whiskey tasting events, which is something I am here for. 

Each tasting features whiskeys that are tied together by style or brand. In February, it will be whiskeys that are bottled in bond. What does that mean? Well, part of your tasting experience will be learning what it is and why it is. Or, you can Google it ahead of time if you're curious.

Tickets are $32, and that includes eight whiskey samples. Space is limited, so purchase your tickets here

If you are looking to grab a bite while you're there, here are some things we tried. I highly recommend the pretzel. 

Top image: A black and white close up photo of a warehouse with a corrugated metal wall. There is a sign that says 108 Bonded Warehouse. Image from event page.