Though administration drags their feet on selecting a new mascot for the University of Illinois, there are plenty of people who are ready to move forward with designing and selecting a new one.

The U of I’s School of Art + Design is the perfect place to start this process — it’s full of practicing artists, scholars of visual art and culture, and a whole bunch of creative students. Why not tap into the expertise of these professional (and budding professionals) as a means to jump-start the new mascot process?

The students in Introduction to Printmaking, under the guidance of Assistant Professor of Printmaking Emmy Lingscheit, have proposed some new mascots.

For this screenprinting project, students were asked to research the University of Illinois (and its significant inventions and discoveries) in order to create a new mascot, considering what historical, contemporary, or aspirational attributes define the University of Illinois. And, since it was an art and design project, students needed to consider aesthetic qualities that make an impactful logo design.

Check ‘em out here: