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Is Kit Harington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) coming to C-U?

We were tipped off about this billboard — which exists at Neil and Springfield in Champaign (directly next to Weiskamp and Melby Chiropractic) — so it raises the question: Is Kit Harington coming to Champaign-Urbana September 23-24?

Kit Harington plays the character of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Have any tips about this? Let us know in the comments.

Top photo from HBO.


The Himalayan Chimney hilariously goes viral on Reddit

"I'll take "Restaurant names that sound like sex acts" for $400, Alex."

At the time of my post, there are nearly 33K upvotes, and nearly 1,000 comments on "the front page of the internet", Reddit. The Himalayan Chimney recently opened on Randolph and Church Street and there is very little extra commentary I can provide here to supplement, but this is great.

There's even a listing on Urban Dictionary now about it.

Evidence it appears near the top:

The Internet FTW!

Photo from Reddit.


i3 Broadband celebrated their Grand Opening today

In case you're wondering about a new player in town when it comes to your internet/fiber needs — i3 Broadband celebrated their Grand Opening today in Champaign. It was announced earlier this year that i3 would acquire the iTV3 rights to manage the UC2B network, so we'll be seeing more of them in the future here in C-U. They're located at 808 Dennison Drive in Champaign.

If you're interested in reading up on fiber discussion in C-U, check out these articles we've done in the past.


Krannert Art Museum has finally joined Instagram

The University of Illinois' Krannert Art Museum has finally joined Instagram. This is particularly exciting considering it's an institution dedicated to visual arts and culture, and Instagram is a place to share visual stuff. In addition to promoting and sharing images of current exhibitions, I hope the social media team at KAM will also share behind-the-scenes photos and artworks not currently on view. 

You can follow KAM @kamillinois. 

Be sure to tag your photos when you attend the opening receptions for the four exhibitions opening on August 31st. 

Photos from Instagram, obviously. 


Japan House releases map for this Sunday’s Matsuri Festival

Last month, Japan House announced their annual Matsuri Festival, which takes place this coming Sunday (August 27th) from 3-8 pm.

Today, they've released a slick map to help you plan your day at the festival. Word on the street is that they incorporated more shady space than last year, too, so the heat should be mitigated, at least a bit.

To look at a description of Matsuri Festival, check out the link above, and then find the map below:


Demo begins to bring new splash pad to Hessel Park

Demolition of the old splash pad, play structure, sandbox, and restroom house has begun at Hessel Park in Champaign. 

The newer play structures remain open at the park. At least one portapotty has been added for guests' temporary use during construction.

According to CPD's website:

Phase 2 — completion goal by winter 2017. Construction set to begin in fall 2017

This phase will consist of constructing a new splash pad where the current playground and splash pad are located. The goal of the new splash pad is to be compatible with the recently created Douglass Park Splash Pad. This way features and functionality can be interchanged seasonally keeping the experience fresh and new for the kids.


Illini Union hosting free eclipse viewing party (with provided glasses)

In what is easily one of the most hilarious news stories of the Summer, eclipse glasses are in high demand. The News-Gazette even wrote a whole article on it.

Did you miss your chance? You're in luck - the Illini Union on Campus will be hosting a free eclipse viewing party on Monday, and they'll be handing out glasses. The event will run from 11 - 3 pm, and will take place at the Union's Anniversary Plaza.

Check out the sweet poster below:


Illini Basketball releases Big Ten conference schedule

It's going to be an interesting year for Illinois basketball. For one, they have a new coach, but then on top of that, they also only have 9 players (or is it 10, now?). On the bright side, Mark Smith is the first Mr. Basketball to come here in a while so maybe he'll save us. Who knows.

Regardless, we now have a conference schedule and can start postulating about wins and losses. 

To check out the full schedule, look at Illini Basketball's tweet below: