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Feast your eyes on this cool new sculpture

Remember a few months ago, when we suggested that we need some new (and better) public art? The City of Urbana's Public Arts Program just unveiled a new sculpture of ice pops yesterday. It's pretty cute:

October 8th, 2018

New Sculpture ICE POPS Unveiled in the City of Urbana

The Urbana Public Arts Program is excited to invite you to an unveiling and installation celebration for ICE POPS, the newest addition to The Urbana Sculpture Project that will call Boneyard Creek Crossing its home for a period of two years.

Bring the whole family! Activities include a ribbon cutting made possible by the Urbana Business Association, brief artist's talk with sculptor, Craig Gray; and popsicles for purchase from The Pop Stop, Inc! 25 O'Clock Brewing Company will open a little early to join the celebration and will remain open til 7 p.m.

This artwork was generously sponsored by MCDJ (Mike and Connie Hosier and David and Janet Peshkin). The Urbana Sculpture Project is made possible by Urbana Public Arts Program and Commission, the Public Art League, City of Urbana Public Works Department, Champaign County, and generous sponsors who help create a more vibrant city through creativity and artistic innovation. “The Urbana Sculpture Project and sponsors like the Hosiers and Peshkins help make the City of Urbana a fantastic place for public art” said Public Arts Coordinator, Rachel Lauren Storm, “We’re proud to have unique and vibrant sculptures as part of creative place-making efforts.”

For more information, please contact the Public Arts Coordinator at (217) 328-8265 or via email at, or visit To receive updates on local arts events and opportunities, follow the Urbana Public Arts Program on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or subscribe to the Public Arts e-newsletter.

Photos courtesy of Visit Champaign County 


Can you help name these unnamed photographs for Champaign County History Museum?

Well, can you? Perhaps you have relative, or someone you know, or someone your grandparents know, that is in this collection of photos that Champaign County History Museum is looking to place names to.

Check out the collection linked above, and their tweet:


Downtown Champaign holiday lights getting a makeover

Hark! The Champaign Center Partnership has finally parted ways with those ghastly tinsel Xmas trees that used to adorn the light poles in Downtown Champaign, and has purchased 35 new large wreaths, which are illuminated and wrapped with garland. 

I've long been a fan of holiday decor, despite my misgivings about so much related to the holiday, and its religious underpinnings. I just... like the way it makes me feel, I guess. For some reason, a well lit and decorated Downtown against a snowy backdrop is cause for glee. Here's a photo I took some five years ago. I look at it sometimes. Because I need more glee in my life, folks. Less pain. More glee. 

Anyhow, they are accepting sponsorships for each pole at $100.00 each, and that will go to pay for maintenance, staffing, etc etc for each of them. I think that's a steal, honestly, for the amount of people that will see who sponsored them. Just from an advertising perspective. 

It's nice to see this starting to come to fruition. With such a wonderful event like the Parade of Lights each year, a project like this, along with the future Plaza Park, will give Downtown a nice boost come early winter each year. 


40 North has a new round of MTD art featured artists

See some new local art when you ride MTD this fall — there are four new pieces that will be on display on every bus as well as on the first floor of the Terminal Building. 

Top left: EKAH, Signal-to-Noise Ratio (pen & ink); top right: Dana Overman, Diverging Paths (acrylic on canvas); bottom left: Paula McCarty, Soaps [Bridge] (oil); bottom right: Sekani Reed, Morose (acrylic & gouache).

New artwork is selected every quarter, and all works are by artists who reside in Champaign County. These newest selections will go up November 1st, and be on display through January 31st. 


News-Gazette surprises no one by publishing gross cartoon

Today, The News-Gazette published this editorial cartoon by Robert Ariail. It's disgusting. I thought about explaining what makes this so wrong, but, quite frankly, I’m tired of explaining things to people who don't get it. 

If you are as disgusted as I am, and sick of this pervasive bile, please vote in November, and feel free to contact these individuals to express your disappointment with their decisions and world views.


Dr. Howard demolition is happening today

One of the oldest school buildings in Unit 4 is coming down today. Built in 1910, with several additions throughout the years, it's been a renovation priority for families in the district for years (with good reason). Through the referendum passed in 2016, a brand new building will be built on the same site. The new version of Dr. Howard is set to open in 2020.

Photos by Julie McClure


This maple bacon butter should be in your fridge

Have you tried Pekara's maple bacon butter yet? It's delicious. I'm usually more of a savory-savory compound butter person, but this sweet-savory combo is special. It's put together simply: butter, maple syrup, cooked bacon pieces. There's no extra bacon fat mixed in.

This is the thing that will take your brunch to the next level; it's sure to impress your friends. I bet it's also pretty darn tasty on some popcorn. The tub is huge ($5.75), so you should have enough to slather on the baguette you pick up when you buy the butter. 

811 W Springfield Ave
6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

Photos by Jessica Hammie


Someone defaced this photo of Michelle Obama at the Wheelhouse

Per a post on Facebook by one of the owners of The Wheelhouse in St. Joseph, Abbie Rogiers — a photo of Michelle Obama and co-owner Ryan Rogiers and their son was tampered with. The photo, signed by the former First Lady, appears to have been taken, Michelle Obama's head torn off, and returned to where it was at the restaurant.You can see the post below, and Rogiers' statement along with the photo here in the SPlog.

I’m disappointed. This is a special picture posted in our restaurant. Someone ripped off Michelle Obama’s head.
We have this photo bc my 10 year old son and my husband won a RECIPE contest and were invited to a state dinner. It was a big deal.
Regardless of your politics, this was a special moment for my son. Tearing this photo was a weak way to take a stand.
Lastly, if you did this because you’re racist, please don’t come back to our restaurant. You can drink Bud Lite anywhere.
Be Nice Or Get Out.
$100 reward if anyone knows who did this.
I will not publicly shame them. I simply want to encourage them to take some community college classes. It’s time.