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Here is a better photo of Professor Jay Rosenstein, who wasn’t charged with any crime last night

Just so we're all 100% clear, let's list some facts: 

UIUC Professor Jay Rosenstein is one of the most important activist/filmmakers in the world, creating award-winning documentaries about issues surrounding civil and constitutional rights in America. 

UIUC Professor Jay Rosenstein respects the concept of dissent, can intellectually manage it, and has forever engaged in coherent and thoughtful debate about the issues surrounding "The Chief." He has, on multiple occasions, attempted to discuss the topic with supporters of "The Chief." His work is comprehensive, and there is a reason he was awarded both an Emmy Award and a Peabody Award. It wasn't by accident. 

The Native American House on campus, comprised of actual card carrying members of actual Native American tribes, has consistently, and loudly, proclaimed their dissent towards the "Honor The Chief Society", which promotes a modern day minstrel show, and that represents Native Americans in harmful and degrading ways. 

When The News-Gazette publishes mugshots, and reporters like Mary Schenk use one-sided accounts about events that will affect the livelihood and safety of people in this community, they create an imbalanced and dangerous space for people who are, by law, innocent until proven guilty. The people who manage the editorial at the 150 year old daily newspaper know this, and continue to showcase their cowardice in this way, despite outcries from the community to end the practice. 

UIUC Professor Jay Rosenstein WAS NOT charged with a crime at State Farm Center last night. He was arrested, and released, and was not charged with any crime. Those are the FACTS. 

The photo above is of Jay Rosenstein. This is the one you should be looking at, not the one from the county jail, which is not representative of him or of his work or his importance to this community and to this world. 

That is all. 

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this post erroneously claimed that Mr. Rosenstein "HAD NOT committed a crime" and was subsequently changed to "WAS NOT charged with a crime." Smile Politely regrets the error. 


Here’s a beer I drank: Triptych’s AJ’s with Coffee

I made a trip to Savoy this weekend to hang at Triptych's tap room, busy as usual.

It was a chilly night, so I decided to go to the stout route — ordering myself one of these AJ's with Coffee (11.5% ABV). A good stout indeed, though it definitely was heavy-handed on the coffee component, which was welcomed for a variety of reasons.

AJ's with Coffee is a play on their usual AJ's Stout, and this one ran $7 a serving, $2.50 a sample. At that ABV, $7 seems right on the money.


Illini Gymnastic Meets are super fun

Honestly I don't know enough about the sport to be able to pontificate for long about the way the Illini performed, but just going to Huff Hall today was fun and engaging and something that the community should celebrate. The Men's team is currently #4 in the nation, and was leading 271.950 to 257.450 by the time my youngest son lost his mind. 

The level of sportsmanship, from both the Illini and their guests, the Arizona State Sun Devils was refreshing. Lots of high fives, lots of encouragement. The way it's supposed to be. Competitive, but respectful. 

Plus, these are athletes that are simply magnificent. Watching it live was no less than amazing. 

Check out the next home meet for the Men on February 24 versus Michigan. But the Women compete against Iowa on Friday February 2, at 7:00 p.m. They are currently ranked #21 but lost a nail biter to Michigan last night, so let's hope they bounce back real soon. 

Can confirm, this is totally worth your time. 


This is a very accurate News-Gazette headline about Trump

Although the article published in The News-Gazette is a syndicated column via the AP White House reporter Jill Colvin, the headlines are created locally by each individual newspaper/outlet wishing to publish the story. We have reason to believe this is straight from the editorial desk of News-Gazette, though we're waiting to confirm whether or not this is the case.

Regardless, it reads in an interesting way.

Following the recent physical that Donald J. Trump underwent, the comma is placed... well, just look and read it. It reads as though they're saying the Donald has "no heart", which seems very, very accurate given his track record.

By the way this reads, it sounds like the doctor is saying that Trump has no heart, though he has cognitive issues. Not necessarily that he has no heart issues and no cognitive issues.


Here is the first burger that La Royale ever fired and sold

La Royale, the new burger joint inside of Broadway Food Hall in Urbana, gave people a small preview of what they might expect starting today when it officially opens for business. I was there when it opened, and this was literally the first burger ordered. I am proud of that, for some strange reason. 

This was part of a First Fridays, which gets better all the time at the direction of Kristin Walter's Imbibe Urbana project. It was part of something called the EPIC BURGER BATTLE and featured two specialty burgers: A chili cheese and, the one that I chose: a nacho cheese burger, smothered in the familiar bright orange sauce, drizzled with crema and topped with jalapeños. It was $10.00 + tax.

It was good, and messy, and certainly yummy. It is not the sort of burger that I'd ever order, however, in that I am a griddle burger purist: thinly formed patties with melted cheese, raw onion, mustard, pickle, soft bun. 

I want to be able to bite the burger without stretching my mouth wider than it can open. I want to be able to taste the burger and the cheese. I want complimentary elements, not toppings that will dismantle the star of the show. 

Regardless, people love specialty burgers, and this one was a good one. The fries were, sadly, pretty basic and served up lukewarm, so hoping that will change once they get their bearings. Then again, they are not listed on the menu, so they might not even be serving them? 

Said menu, however, seems to indicate that La Royale will be more of a diner style burger, simple and basic, and cheap as all get up. My type of thing. So, I am not sure if this was a preview as much as it was just a fun way to kick things off, but regardless, I am looking forward to trying the bill of fare once it opens today. 

That Steak & Eggs has potential, of course. The question is: how well can they prepare a T-Bone steak, assuming it's not at least a full 16 ounce, which is where it should be, if we're going to do it the right way and get it the necessary and vital crust that it deserves, and keep it medium to medium rare. 

I am ready to be amazed though. The place looks spectacular.