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If you’re feeling extra snack-y today, check out these spots

Maybe it's one of those days where no matter what you eat, you just aren't satisfied. Perhaps you're just extra hungry. 

Check out these spots for some quick bites to ease your need to munch. 

Caribbean Grill

$4.20 Flavor Box

Tots and French toast bites, all day. 
Build your own fro-yo, or eat one of these tasty pastry fishes. 
These cookies (they may contribute to snacking urges), plus grab and go stuff, as well as Lucky Pierre doughnuts
I'm partial to the nachos, but consider tacos. Or a burrito. 
All the dumplings.
This seems like an obvious choice. Look for the food truck on campus
Photos by Jessica Hammie

Check out these U of I mascot designs made by U of I students

Though administration drags their feet on selecting a new mascot for the University of Illinois, there are plenty of people who are ready to move forward with designing and selecting a new one.

The U of I’s School of Art + Design is the perfect place to start this process — it’s full of practicing artists, scholars of visual art and culture, and a whole bunch of creative students. Why not tap into the expertise of these professional (and budding professionals) as a means to jump-start the new mascot process?

The students in Introduction to Printmaking, under the guidance of Assistant Professor of Printmaking Emmy Lingscheit, have proposed some new mascots.

For this screenprinting project, students were asked to research the University of Illinois (and its significant inventions and discoveries) in order to create a new mascot, considering what historical, contemporary, or aspirational attributes define the University of Illinois. And, since it was an art and design project, students needed to consider aesthetic qualities that make an impactful logo design.

Check ‘em out here:


Have you had breakfast at Avionics yet?

If you haven't yet been to Flying Machine Avionics, you're missing out. The coffee (by Page Roasting Company) is delicious, and the shop serves Lucky Pierre doughnuts (you should know how I feel about those by now). Avionics also has a food menu, and it's tasty. 

I recently ate this breakfast sandwich with egg, muenster, veggie cream cheese, tomato, and lettuce ($5.50), and am plotting my return to have it again. Drip coffee is $2. 

Follow Avionics on Instagram for specials. 

202 S First St
M-F 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Sa + Su 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Photos by Jessica Hammie


Here are a few photos from McKinley Foundation’s Social Justice Awards

Back in March, Julie posted a SPlog about the McKinley Foundation's Social Justice Awards, which took place this past weekend. You can see who was recognized in the SPlog above, but check out some photos from Saturday's event, which featured the winners, both Mayor Deb Feinen (Champaign) and Diane Marlin (Urbana). U of I President Timothy Kileen was in attendence as well.

Photos courtesy of Anna Longworth


It’s official: Thad Morrow is returning as Executive Chef at NAYA

Earlier this year, we told you about NAYA, the newest restaurant concept from Jin Park, owner of Sakanaya and Miga. 

Today comes the news that there was always more to the story. Turns out, the restaurant concept was being developed the entire time in partnership with Thad Morrow, who will be the executive chef and operate the new restaurant on 3rd and Green in Campustown. 


Until two years ago, when he took a job as Wine Director at Blue Apron, Chef Morrow was known coast to coast as the owner and executive chef of bacaro, the restaurant and wine bar which he founded in 2000. The restaurant was sold to Drew Starkey and his partners and still remains open today. 

We'll have lots more soon enough, as we always do, but for the moment, let's just say that we're all very excited to be able to announce this finally, and really looking forward to the idea of another restaurant on campus, especially one that is being helmed by Chef Morrow, who revolutionized dining in Champaign 18 years ago, and appears poised to do it all over again.