A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the C-U at Home awareness campaign for the homeless in C-U, One Winter Night, prior to the event taking place. Although the event was a grea success, the organization fell short of their fundraising goal. Check out the full press release below.

From the press release:

The 3nd Annual C-U at Home One Winter Night was a great success as an event to raise  awareness for the homeless. Over 200 people were involved with One Winter Night last  Friday, either as volunteers or box dwellers. Those who spent the night in a cardboard box not only experienced the cold and noise of sleeping on a sidewalk, many of them  also felt a bit of the discrimination and persecution that comes with being homeless.  Some had their boxes kicked. Others were jeered and taunted.

One Winter Night is the primary funding source for C-U at Home. Donations are tax deductible. You can still easily give safely and securely online via PayPal or you can write a check or contribute cash. Our accounting books for One Winter Night 2014 will remain open through March 7, 2014. So far, through the event, we have raised just over $40,000. Our hope was to raise at least $60,000. All of the details about donating can be found at www.cuathome.us.

This is an exciting time for C-U at Home, as we are planning to launch several new initiatives in the next few months. We plan to develop a Recovery House for those who have completed a rehabilitation program for addiction and also a Family House, in addition to the new Daytime Drop-In Center to reach those who are living on the streets.