The City of Urbana announced the 2018 Urbana Arts Grants Program, where up to $47,500 will be awarded to “artists, arts organization, and festival presenters for creative projects that enrich the lives of Urbana residents and visitors.” Public Arts Coordinator Rachel Lauren Storm says, “Through selective funding, we aim to foster a city that values creative innovation and collaboration”

The grant program is open to a variety of disciplines on display in public spaces, including “creative writing, dance, film, video, theatre, visual arts, crafts, performing arts, spoken word, environmental arts, multimedia arts, architectural arts, landscape architecture, and emerging media.” Grants will be available in the categories of individual, group, nonprofit, and Urbana Festival.

Applications will be accepted through February 16th at 5 p.m. via email or hard copy. There will also be two informational workshops in late January for those looking to learn more and speak with city officials. 

For more information on the application process, click here. For Facebook events to the informational workshops, click here or here.