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Sustainable screening and Q+A happening March 30th at Harvest Market

Here's an educational opportunity available to you in the near future: There will be a screening and Q+A session following of the film Sustainablewhich discusses the farm system and the community that surrounds it, at Harvest Market. Check out the Facebook event here, the event takes place on Thursday, March 30th at 5:30 p.m.

Joins us March 30 in our upstairs Mezzanine for a special showing of the film "Sustainable"...for FREE!

It's a film about the land, the people who work it and what must be done to sustain it for future generations. It's a vital investigation of the economic and environmental instability of America’s food system, from the agricultural issues we face — soil loss, water depletion, climate change, pesticide use — to the community of leaders who are determined to fix it. The narrative of the film focuses on Marty Travis, a seventh-generation farmer in central Illinois who watched his land and community fall victim to the pressures of big agribusiness. Determined to create a proud legacy for his son, Marty transforms his profitless wasteland and pioneers the sustainable food movement in Chicago.

Marty Travis, the farmer featured in the film and Will Travis will be here for Q&A after the movie.

We will also be serving popcorn and cornbread made with ingredients from Severson Farms!

The movie features Marty Travis of Spence Farms, who supplies Harvest Market's bakery and bulk sections with product. So, there's a direct connection to the store and the surrounding community.

Here's the trailer, and some information about the showing below.


There is no hiding from the facts - rising temperatures, drought, soil loss, chemicals in our food, antibiotic resistance, declining bee populations, obesity, diabetes, shorter life expectancy - America needs help. Sustainable reveals the crisis facing America’s food system, and the community of leaders who are determined to fix it.

Amidst the cornfields of Illinois lives the hero of the film - Marty Travis, a seventh-generation farmer who watched his land and community fall victim to the pressures of big agribusiness. Determined to create a proud legacy for his son, Marty transforms his profitless wasteland and pioneers the sustainable food movement in Chicago.

Greg Wade, a visionary young breadmaker, works with Marty to revitalize ancient grain production in the Midwest, joining an artisan bread movement that’s sweeping our country. Together, they prove that traditional bread is not only healthier, it is also better for the environment.

From Klaas Martens’ Einkorn fields in rural New York to Bill Niman’s cattle ranch off the Pacific coast, industry pioneers around the nation join in to reveal the profound connection between human health and environmental protection. In Iowa, Matt Liebman discovers a solution to combat the trifecta of drought, flooding and soil runoff, and a young Amish man in Ohio emerges as an agricultural leader who will feed the world despite climate extremes and limited natural resources. Additional key interviews include: Rick Bayless, Dan Barber, Mark Bittman, Marion Nestle, John Ikerd, Kelly Brownell, Nicolette Niman and Fred Kirschenmann.

Sustainable is a story of hope and transformation, about passion for the land and a promise that it can be restored to once again sustain us. 


NPR's 1A to join WILL-AM 580's regular programming

If you have been listening to WILL's NPR programming, you probably noticed that they have had some special coverage on the Trump Administration courtesy of 1A, an NPR program that focuses loosely on the First Amendment and its applications in popular culture.

Today, WILL have announced that 1A will be regularly broadcast on 580 AM from 9-11 a.m. every weekday starting on May 1st.

For more information, check out Illinois Public Media's press release below:

NPR’s 1A, hosted by Joshua Johnson, will be joining the WILL-AM 580 lineup on May 1, airing from 9-11 am Monday-Friday. Local listeners might have recently heard 1A’s special coverage of President Trump's executive order on immigration and/or their special program “We Got Hacked — Russia’s Role In The U.S. Presidential Election,” both of which were carried live on WILL-AM 580.

With a name inspired by the First Amendment, 1A explores important issues such as policy, politics, technology, and what connects us across the fissures that divide the country. The program delves into pop culture, sports, and humor, as well.

Before hosting 1A, Joshua Johnson was the co-creator and host of the provocative nationwide public radio series, Truth Be Told, which explored race in America. Johnson is the son of a public schoolteacher and a Vietnam veteran, and he says his parents and mentors ingrained in him the values of love, learning, and service.

“My professional passions have always centered on creativity, exploration and service,” said Johnson. “This moment in history demands these attributes of us. It’s a chance to tell stories more creatively, to explore ideas beyond our own, and to refocus on serving others.”

1A is produced at WAMU 88.5 and distributed by NPR.

1A’s goal is to act as a national mirror—taking time to help America look at itself and to ask what it wants to be. The show encourages listeners to speak freely about topics on the air as well as within their digital conversations. 1A regularly post questions and requests for feedback on their website. You can also share your thoughts and connect with their discussions on Twitter, Facebook, or by texting 1A to 63735.

“Joshua is very gifted at convening in-depth, intelligent conversations around very topical and important issues that are often quite divisive,” said Lisa Bralts, director of content and strategic communications at Illinois Public Media. “It’s clear that now, more than ever, we need to be having these conversations, so the addition of 1A to the AM580 schedule is incredibly timely.”

Join the 1A conversation—framed in ways to make you think, share, and engage—from 9-11 am on WILL-AM 580 starting on May 1. 1A is produced at WAMU 88.5 and distributed by NPR.

Programming note: With the addition of 1A to the WILL-AM 580 daily schedule, we say farewell to NPR’s On-Point with Tom Ashbrook. Even though this program will no longer be available during our live broadcast, it will still be available online. You can search iTunes for on-demand access to the daily episodes.

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Even a majority of downstate residents & Republicans want weed legalized in IL according to new poll

A poll conducted by the Paul Simon Public Policy institute this week found that there is overwhelming support for the legalization of marijuana in Illinois. But what's even more interesting is that the poll breaks down how certain geographical areas in the state and different political parties feel about the measure.

At first glance, this is unsurprising - Chicago favors legalization by staggering 52 percentage points and decriminalization by even more (64 points). The suburbs are slightly less. Then, when the poll is broken down by political party, we see that weed legalization isn't really that partisan of an issue anymore - in fact, 54% of downstate residents surveyed, (generally some of the last to come around on these sorts of things) surveyed actually are in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana. The case is the same with 52% of the state's total Republican population.

My, how the times are changing, folks. To read the full poll, and to jump into the data, click here.

This comes on the heels of legislation introduced last week to do just that - legalize recreational marijuana, though it could take some time. Regardless of whether you use marijuana recreationally or not, legalizing in a state like Illinois would inevitably reduce the tax-payer burden for a non-violent prison population, as well as provide some much-needed tax revenue for a state in such dire shape as Illinois is.


You can win free Triptych beer for a year if you’re good at trivia every Thursday in April

No, that headline was not a tease - this is legit. Triptych Brewing and Urbana's Attie's Bar and Grill are joining forces for a "Trivia and Tap Takeover" every Thursday in April, with trivia starting at 6:30 pm.

If you want to win a free Triptych 4-pack every week for a year, better brush off the old thinker, because the winner (after all of the Thursdays, at the end of the month) will get just that.

For more info, check out Triptych's Facebook post on the festivities below:





New American Welcome Center coming to C-U

Last month, in response to the new administration's executive order on immigration, Champaign mayor Deb Feinen released a statement voicing her support for immigrants in the City of Champaign. The City of Urbana is one of four sanctuary cities in the state of Illinois. Now the University of Illinois YMCA, already a champion for diversity and immigration advocacy, is establishing a New American Welcome Center here in Champaign-Urbana, with an impressive list of local leaders on the advisory committee. There will be a news conference in the YMCA board room at 3pm this afternoon detailing the program. See the full press release below.

New American Welcome Center coming to C-U
Community Leaders Join University YMCA Initiative

The University YMCA was recently selected to be one of six YMCAs in the United States to develop a New American Welcome Center (NAWC) in 2017. Launched in 2016 by YMCA of the USA, the New American Welcome Centers are designed to help immigrants fully integrate into American society and prepare receiving communities to be welcoming and inclusive.

In support of the Y’s cause to strengthen communities, NAWCs foster an environment that encourages newcomer integration and community cohesion. NAWCs accomplish this by scaling sustainable newcomer inclusion programs through a blend of direct and referral services, engaging community partners and leading community bridge-building efforts that connect new immigrants and the receiving communities. In addition to Champaign-Urbana, the Y’s NAWCs serve communities in Boston (MA), Charlotte (NC), Columbus (OH), Houston (TX), Long Beach (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN), New York (NY), Portland (ME), Seattle (WA), and Snohomish County (WA).

In an effort to engage key community stakeholders, the University Y has recruited a broad cross section of community leaders including elected officials, public and private sector institutions, immigrant and religious leaders as well as non-profits working with local immigrant communities to serve on the NAWC’s Advisory Board (see attached list).

WHAT: News Conference announcing University Y’s New American Welcome Center

WHO: University YMCA and community leaders including:
Mayor Deborah Feinen and Mayor Laurel Prussing
State Representative Carol Ammons
State Senator Scott Bennett
Associate Chancellor Assata Zerai
and other members of Advisory Committee (see list)
WHEN: Monday, March 27, 2017 at 3:00 PM

WHERE: Board Room of the University YMCA (2nd floor)
1001 S. Wright Street, Champaign, Illinois

For more information, contact Megan Flowers at 251-209-2615 or Mike Doyle 217-766-4115.

New American Welcome Center Advisory Committee Members
Partial List --3/20/17

* Scott Bennett, State Senator

* Carol Ammons, State Representative

* Pius Weibel, Board Chair, Champaign County

* Deb Feinen, Mayor, City of Champaign

* Laurel Prussing, Mayor, City of Urbana

* Dr. Assata Zerai, Associate Chancellor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

* Don Owen, Superintendent, Urbana School District

* Julie Pryde, Health Administrator, C-U Public Health District

* Joe Omo-Osagie, Board Member, Champaign County Mental Health Board

* Jen White, President, Champaign Federation of Teachers, Local 1925

* Craig Rost, Executive Director, Champaign County Economic Development Corp.

* Laura Bliell, Associate Director, UI research Park

* Mauricio Salinas, Owner, El Oasis

* Luis Cuza, St. Patrick Catholic Church, C-U FAIR

* Ousmane Sawadogo, Imam, Central Illinois Mosque & Islamic Center

* Bob Rasmus, Pastor, St. Matthew Lutheran

* Alan Cook, Sinai Temple Rabbi, Interfaith Alliance of Champaign County

* Koeli Goel, Board of Trustees, Hindu Temple & Cultural Society of Central Illinois

* Ricardo Diaz, Board Member, University YMCA

* Bob Kirby, ESL Program, First Presbyterian Church

* Rebekah Niblock, Attorney, The Immigration Project

* Thomas Mbongo, Community Leader, Congolese Community

* Amanda Harris, ELA Coordinator, Urbana Adult Education

* Lucia Maldonado, Board Member, C-U Immigration Forum

* Anh Ha Ho, Co-Director, East Central Illinois Refugee & Mutual Assistance Center

* Antonio Juarez, Community Leader, Mayan/Guatemalan Community


* Confirmed as NAWC Advisory Committee Member

Please note: Meetings with other community stakeholders are scheduled and additional invitations are expected to be extended in the coming weeks.


Cracked on Green St. opening tomorrow

Rejoice, breakfast-eaters of Champaign-Urbana - as we have long-known, Cracked will no longer be confined to a food truck. What we now know, however, is that their brick-and-mortar shop on Green Street opens up for the very first time tomorrow (March 26th) at 10 AM.

For more info, check out this tweet from Cracked below, featuring a picture of the new spot:


Allerton Park has released their 2017 concert schedule

It's beautiful outside today. In fact, it kind of reminds you of what it's like when it isn't bone-chillingly cold in central Illinois, and you can do fun things outside, like go to a concert at one of the most unique places in the State of Illinois: Allerton Park.

Today, they've announced their concert schedule for 2017, presented by the University of Illinois Community Credit Union. For the full slate of events, check out what Allerton had to say below:

Allerton announces 2017 concert schedule

Monticello – Allerton Park and Retreat Center has announced the schedule for their Concert Series, presented by the University of Illinois Community Credit Union. Music and nature lovers will be able to enjoy some old favorites, along with new talent, in the unique setting at Allerton, 515 Old Timber Road, Monticello.

Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players, who performed two sell-out shows at Allerton in 2014, will return for the Kids’ Concert on May 13. The Summer Kick Off Concert on June 2 will feature “raw and soul-rich” music from Birds of Chicago and the popular Champaign-based Americana duo, The Bashful Youngens.

Reds, Whites, and the Blues on June 30 welcomes local favorite The Blues Deacons, opening for the three-time Blues Music Award nominee The Cash Box Kings. Skipper’s Alley, the seven-piece ensemble out of Dublin, will headline Irish Fest on August 4, along with returning crowd-favorite The Shanties.

The inaugural Prairie Sky Music Festival, a two-day event held August 18-19, will feature nationally-known talent that will be announced at a later date. Other shows scheduled with performers TBA include the Campfire Jamboree on September 22, a new addition to the popular Family Campout in Allerton’s Meadow, and the collaboration with the University of Illinois’ School of Music, the Allerton Music Barn Festival on September 29-30.

While organizer Derek Peterson, Allerton’s Associate Director, focuses on booking quality, original entertainment, he notes that the Park is working to provide a cultural experience that is based not only on sounds, but also on surroundings.

“Friends and family who gather often face inward, choosing to converse and engage with each other rather than just watching the stage. You will see generations gather under a star-filled sky to listen to the sounds of the performer, but also to the sounds of children’s laughter and grandparents hurrying after those children,” Peterson said. “The experience becomes as important as the music.”

Peterson also notes that food and drink options will continue to expand this year, as well as amenities for families with young children.

The University of Illinois Community Credit Union has once again signed-on as the presenting sponsor.Additional sponsors include: The Ayers Family, Illinois Public Media, Country Arbors, The Friends of Allerton, Kirby Medical Center, Orange & Blue Distributing Company, AHW LLC, Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD), The Herbold Family Trust, and Kennedy Hutson Associates.

Food and drink will be available for purchase at all shows; guests should bring blankets or chairs for outdoor concerts. For more information about the schedule, tickets, and overnight accommodations visit or call 217-333-3287.

2017 Allerton Park Concert Series presented by the U of I Credit Union:

Kids’ Concert: May 13
Justin Roberts & the Not Ready for Naptime Players |11am
Gate House Lawn
$5/kid + $8/adult, at the gate

Summer Kick Off: June 2
6-7pm The Bashful Youngens|7:30-9pm Birds of Chicago
Gate House Lawn
$5/person + $10/family, at the gate

Reds, Whites, and the Blues: June 30
6-7pm Billy Galt & the Blues Deacons | 7:30-9pm Cash Box Kings
Gate House Lawn
$5/person + $10/family, at the gate

Irish Fest: August 4
6-7pm The Shanties| 7:30-9pm Skipper’s Alley
Gate House Lawn
$5/person + $10/family, at the gate

Prairie Sky Music Festival: August 18-19
Advanced purchase recommended

Campfire Jamboree: September 22
Advanced purchase recommended

Music Barn Festival: September 29-30
Music Barn
Advanced purchase recommended

​Photo by Steve Hoffman


Champaign County electronic recycling event taking place on May 20th

The City of Champaign, City of Urbana, Champaign County Regional Planning Commission and the Village of Savoy are teaming up for another electronic recycling program for selected Champaign County residents.

The event will take place May 20th at Parkland College, and online registration opens up on Monday, April 3rd. Registration can be done at

For more information in regards to what items will be accepted and registration details, check out a description and flyer below:

Champaign County will be utilizing an online registration system again for this event.  We did this for the Oct '16 event & it proved to be very successful!  Residents' wait times went from 3+ hours to only 1-3 minutes.  The details of the registration are on the flyer (the registration does not open until Mon, April 3rd).  Residents will be able to pick a 15-minute time slot (for the morning of Sat, May 20th) to drop off their unwanted electronics.  

After residents register, they will receive a postcard in the mail 5-7 days prior to the event, which they will need to bring with them as entry into the event.  This event is weather permitting; there is no rain make-up day.  Items will be accepted from residents only; items will not be accepted from commercial businesses, property managers/owners, school districts, or non-profits.  

There is a 2 TV limit per postcard & a 10-item total limit; see this list for accepted & non-accepted items:

In between electronic collection events, there are local recyclers that will accept old electronics (besides CRT tube TV's) for drop off throughout the year: