Smile Politely is Champaign-Urbana's independent, online, culture magazine. We depend on the community for our inspiration and our talent, and we aim to provide Champaign-Urbana with passionate, trustworthy, informed coverage of the local news, events, and culture that define our community. Through our editorial direction, we strive to deliver to our advertisers a readership that no other publication in the community can offer: a demographic that runs the gamut — from teenagers and college freshman to the creative class and recently retired. Our readers work hard and play harder; they are active members of our vibrant downstate community. Some are graduate and undergraduate students, but many more are townies who have chosen to call Champaign-Urbana — and its surrounding regions — home sweet home. Advertising on Smile Politely will help your business or organization reach this discerning audience that is curious to discover what this community has to offer, and eager to spend locally.

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