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WORST 2017

BEST week has turned into quite the culmination of good feelings over the course of a handful of years doing the series, but with that absolutely brings up feelings of "UGH" within the group of Editors that run this mag. We are so excited about what is happening here so often, but we've found that many times, we're kinda pissed about certain components of the community. Everywhere has flaws, and if you choose to ignore those flaws, nothing will improve without discourse.

That's our mantra in a lot of ways: we're not even remotely perfect, so let's own it, shall we? There's nothing wrong with that.

So when it comes to the WORST column each year, we have to make choices. We make choices about what we're willing to stick our necks out about and say, "you know what, this is REALLY upsetting", or "you know who sucks?", or "ugh, I can't believe this is something that happens here."

The list goes on and on in a lot of ways. We're jaded, without question. I think that happens anytime you look at something close enough, no matter how much you love and care about it — you see the flaws across the board. We're here to talk about some of those things, as we've continued to do over the course of the few years we've been doing this WORST column.

It is most definitely a fun one, but damn if it doesn't wear us out a bit. We hope you don't get too worn out reading this, but maybe you'll take a look here and say, "oh yeah, I know what you mean!" or even better yet — "No no no, I disagree, and here's why." 

That's kind of the best, if you ask us. Thanks for sticking it out with us this year, dear reader. — Patrick Singer

It is time to talk about all the things that make Champaign-Urbana the WORST, including some point-knife-inwards on ourselves moments. 

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