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Bees & Media: Rodney Davis and today’s Curtis Orchard visit

This morning, I saw a press release on Facebook that Rodney Davis would be touring Curtis Orchard this morning and that media were invited. The press release gave a contact number.

I knew Davis was already going to be at his offices this afternoon meeting with selected constituents. I was aware of planned protest there, but I’m not so interested in writing about those kinds of gatherings because there tend to be few surprises. The bee tour interested me. The Curtis Orchard employees are wonderful resources, and I was interested in how educating people leads to actual policy. I also wondered how Davis would answer some of the questions I hoped would be directed to him, for example, how the drastic weakening of the EPA affects his committee, what he thinks about the federal pollinator health task force President Obama put in place in 2014?

Rep. Rodney Davis had a "media event" at Curtis Orchard today — where media was invited — but why didn't we get asked?

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The business of building bridges and walls

The English Language Fellows Program provides opportunities for people around the world to connect using English. Its funding should be maintained in the face of proposed cuts as a strategic investment in our country's ability to build and sustain peaceful and productive relationships with other nations. 

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