Listening to Mac DeMarco is one thing. Understanding his cult following is another. Tomorrow, the modern indie rockstar takes the Foellinger Auditorium stage solo — this list should prepare you for the experience.

  1. He’s a smoker
    Mac DeMarco’s incessant smoking is a critical part of his persona. If he quit, I think it’s safe to say he would lose a good amount of fans. The interesting thing about his smoking is that it gives him a sort of goofy approachability rather tough guy appeal. He’s never seen smoking weed or doing party drugs like some pop musicians do for popularity. He just keeps smiling and smoking Viceroys.
  2. Viceroy is his favorite brand of cigarette (NSFW)
    How do we know this? Well, for starters, he’s got a song entitled “Ode To Viceroy” on his album 2. He’s tweeted photos of himself smoking them (and also smoking them out of his bum). I heard he asks for Marlboros on his rider in the US. I assume it’s because Viceroys are impossible to find around these parts, as they are a Canadian brand.
  3. Cigarettes aren’t the only thing he shoves up his butt (NSFW)
    There’s a lovely, NSFW video of Mac DeMarco doing a karaoke cover of “Beautiful Day” by U2 in which he is also completely nude and shoves a drumstick up his butt. Strangely enough, this video was my first introduction to Mac DeMarco, but I’m still a fan.
  4. He’s from Canada
    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, as Nardwuar the Human Serviette would say. And of course, Nardwuar’s done a very revealing, and also sort of emarassing interview with him, as in, he brings up poop and butts multiple times. As with any Nardwuar interview, this is essential fan boy material.
  5. Before his solo fame, he was in a band called Makeout Videotape
    This band was definitely a precursor to what DeMarco sounds like today. Check out their bandcamp. There’s even an early recording of “Only You” they did, a song which would later be recorded for Mac DeMarco’s debut EP Rock and Roll Night Club, release in 2012. Alex Clader, also of Makeout Videotape, makes music worth listening to as well.
  6. He has a very cute girlfriend named Kiera
    Mac DeMarco’s girlfriend is well known to his cult fans. She makes an appearance in some of his videos and at shows. Fans cheer for her by name (she goes by Kiki). She has become an essential part of the Mac DeMarco empire.
  7. He’s got some prime music videos
    Honstly, he’s an innovator when it comes to music videos. They’re funny, cool to look at, entertaining, and smart as they are silly. Here are a few of my favorites:

    Really, any video featuring DeMarco on YouTube is a good one. They're great procrastination material.
  8. His Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are also very…inventive
    Lookout for hashtags like #smallpenis and #glitterpisshole. DeMarco also addresses his fans as a number of names like Gary, Jerry, Tony, or Randy. The list goes on and on.
  9. The correct term for the genre of music he plays is “jizz jazz”
    And weirdly, it seems to be perfectly fitting. He even calls his home “Jizz Jazz Studios.”

  10. His real name is Dave Fuck, and his real job is "Backing"

Mac DeMarco is playing a solo set at Foellinger Auditorium tomorrow, October 29th. Doors at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m. Hathaways open. Tickets are still available, $13 student/$25 public. Check the Facebook event page for details.