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Katie Flynn talks “Cabaret for Courage” benefit show

Next Monday, Katie Flynn is performing in support of an extremely worthy cause: C-U’s Courage Connection. Courage Connection provides housing and supportive services to individuals and families who are the victims of domestic violence. Courage Connection previously received funding through the State of Illinois, pursuant to the terms of a grant, which provided, essentially, Courage Connection would offer domestic violence victim support services. In exchange, the State would reimburse them up to $350,000. When the budget impasse hit in 2016, domestic violence services were reimbursed under the stopgap budget. In 2017, however, domestic violence services reimbursement was dropped from the stopgap budget. Courage Connection was informed six months into their fiscal year that it is unclear when the funds may actually be paid.

This coming Monday, June 26th, Katie Flynn will be performing for a great cause. Proceeds will benefit Courage Connection, a local agency dedicated to supporting victims of domestic violence.

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