Jay Bennett in a Good Place

I hope you’ve seen the posts about Jay Bennett & A Boombox, and Jay’s early recordings with Titanic Love Affair. Now I’ll write my observations about Jay from the two decades I knew him.

Jay’s two most obvious musical influences were Billy Bragg and Elvis Costello. TLA was named for a Bragg lyric (from “Richard” off the 1983 album Life's a Riot with Spy vs Spy).

You helped me build this bed
But you won't help me sleep in it
When I fall between you and the wall
Our Titanic love affair sails on the morning tide

After publishing some unreleased recordings, Rob reflects on his relationship to the complicated genius Jay Bennett.

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The Overture

The Overture: August 14-20

This week brings Midwest hip-hop to the forefront, while also featuring Allerton Park's first attempt at a multi-day music festival, the Prairie Sky Music Festival. As always, C-U never disappoints its music fans, make sure to catch a show or two this week.

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The Overture

The Overture: July 31-August 6

Espresso Royale continues to host bangers for shows while Library House hosts its final show to date. The C-U music scene is an ever-changing one, and we're grateful for that. The summer may be slowing winding down, but that doesn't mean the music has to stop.

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