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Po’Boys: A 60-year old tradition

When I first moved to Illinois from South Carolina, I was astounded by the variety of restaurants on every street, at every corner, and the roads in between towns.  Having been raised in South Carolina, all I ever knew was Southern style cooking. It wasn't until I moved that I saw just how much I missed out by not exploring multiple types of cuisine. I learned about hibachi cooking and deep-dish pizza and "legitimate" tacos — you know, the ones without tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and lettuce. Through all my searching, although, I could not find the one type of cuisine that reminded me of South Carolina food: barbecue. There are multiple styles of barbecue. Po'Boys touts a mixture of two types of 'cue: Chicago and North Carolina, and they do so in absolute harmony.  

AJ checks out Po'Boys, where barbecue is served with a side of nostalgia. 

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