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Market Watch

Market Watch: August 2015

Did you know market season is half way over? Seems like we just got started, but already we have reached the halfway point of the season. This month will probably be the hottest one of the season, so remember to bring your cooler or freezer bags and plan to cool off with a refreshing beverage post-market if you can. The market (and community!) will also welcoming lots of new people during the month of August as new faculty and grad students arrive in town, so expect to see some newbies at the market this month. Ah, to be a new grad student again, not sure where Lincoln Square mall was or how to park on campus — I certainly don’t envy the newbies! For the seasoned market goer, I do recommend trying to get your marketing done in the early morning if you can; it gets pretty hot in August at the market!

This week marks the halfway point of the market, which will feature an abundance of produce and the sunniest sunflowers you've seen in town. 

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