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The Humble Hog is mandatory barbeque

Tucked into the main street of the sleepy settler’s town of Paxton, 25 minutes, give or take, from the C-U, is your new favorite barbeque joint, The Humble Hog.
In the spirit of full disclosure, I lived in Paxton from the age of 9 until I went away to college. I went to high school with the proprietor, Ben Grice, and we remain friends to this day. That having been said, seriously, the food is worth the jaunt to this little town. The Humble Hog is a straight-up fantastic barbeque joint.

The Humble Hog is all you'd hope for in a barbeque restaurant. You can get everything from a pulled pork sandwich, cracklin's to die for, to a homemade brownie a la mode. Don't miss out!

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