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Golden Wok Restaurant: a perfect balance of class and convenience

Food is an important part of any culture, but it is especially integral to Thai culture. A common greeting in Thailand is, "Gin kao reuyang?", which means, "Have you eaten rice yet?" Because it is considered a great offense to the rice goddess, Phosop, to throw away leftover food, Thai people take great pride in preparing each meal; their cuisine emphasizes balance of flavors and artistic presentation in order to be pleasing to all senses. Thai food is meant to be enjoyed visually and aromatically as much as it is enjoyed by the tastebuds, and it is meant to be social. Food and conversation are supposed to be shared during mealtime.

Golden Wok Restaurant offers affordable, elegant, and unique preparations of popular Thai and Chinese dishes, served in a relaxed, comfortable setting, or available for convenient carry-out and delivery.  

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