Friday, October 12th

Do some Homecoming things, U of I campus, times vary, free

It's Homecoming weekend at the school who lays claim to originating the collegiate Homecoming tradition, and as such there's some stuff going on around campus throughout the weekend. On Friday there's a carnival on the quad from 3 to 6 p.m. that should be a fun event if you have kiddos, and the parade begins at 6 p.m. It seems that there will be no Chief impersonator this year, so it won't be quite the situation it was last year. Here's the route so that you can make some plans. (JM) Photo from Facebook

Terminus Victor, Lonely Trailer, Not For the Faint of Heart, The Iron Post, $5, 9:30 p.m.

I highlighted both rock outfits Terminus Victor and Lonely Trailer yesterday in my local scene update column, but I wanted to mention this again here in the Weekender because a rock show at the Post is usually worth talking about. Head on over to Downtown Urbana for this one — NFTFOH opens, TVic closes. (PS) 

Saturday, October 13th

Drive out of town for some food, 30 to 45 minutes, any direction, all weekend, prices vary

Even though we have a lot of dining options in C-U, there are some great road trip destinations. Now that the weather is cooler, you won’t feel like you’re wasting your day driving. Consider heading to Danville for cake or doughnuts. Stop on your way home at Sleepy Creek Vineyards, or dinner at The Wheelhouse. Head west for Bloomington-Normal’s popular spots (including the Epiphany Farms restaurants), or northwest to Dewey’s Drive In. (JH) 

Dip your apple cider doughnuts in hot apple cider, Curtis Orchard, about $6 per person, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

It might sound weird and gross to you to dip your doughnut in something that is neither milk nor coffee, but consider that, presumably, there is already apple cider in your doughnut, and you’re just adding more. Plus, there’s something kind of delicious about a slightly soggy doughnut. If you are turned off by the idea, simply eat your dry doughnut and drink your hot apple cider separately. (JH) Photo from Facebook

Fall Open House, Japan House, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., free ($10 for tea ceremony)

Check out some Ikebana arrangements, hear a presentation on Ancient Japan, and attend one of Japan House's lovely tea ceremonies. It's a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. You can find out specifics on timing and such here. (JM)

Hogchute Opry Harvest, Kalyx Center in Monticello, $10, 4 p.m.-12 a.m.

Hogchute's fall installment, Hogchute Opry Harvest, takes place on Saturday from mid afternoon through the evening. They released the schedule yesterday, so check that out and scope out who you want to check out. Adam Remnant, HUM's Matt Talbott, and plenty of other acts to check out out in the woods in Monticello — that sounds like a fun Saturday night to me. (PS) Photo of The Dry Look by Anna Longworth

Sunday, October 14th

Learn about anti-slavery efforts in Illinois, Museum of the Grand Prairie, 2 p.m., free

Illinois has a complicated history with slavery. Though it's first constitution basically stated that no new enslaved people would be introduced to the state, slavery still existed in those early years. However, the state was also home to a robust anti-slavery movement and a portion of the Underground Railroad. The lecture will look at both aspects of this history as well as examine the existence of sundown towns in Illinois. (JM)

Go to Negangard's for pumpkins, 1883 County Road 700 N, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., prices vary

This used to be the secret place to go get your pumpkins and decorative gourds, but the secret's been out for a while. Regardless, this is the place to go shopping for these items. One, you are supporting a local farm. Two, the selection is great. Three, the prices are insanely low. Now, they do no not have the bells and whistles of Curtis Orchard or Great Pumpkin Patch. If you are looking for all of the things (food, mazes, activities, etc.) then go to one of those places. I prefer to get my pumpkins and gourds here, then make a quick pit stop at the Orchard to snag some donuts and cider (see above entry) (JM) Photo from Facebook


All event information is accurate to the best of our abilities, but sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes event information, times, prices, etc., change after we look them up. Whenever possible, we've provided a link to the original event page; you should always double-check the source before you make any firm plans. Thanks for your understanding.