2016 was a beast: An Interview with Gordy Hulten

As America settles in for the coming four years with more arguably more uncertainty than can be remembered in history, Champaign County remains — politically — as it has been for years.

It's a sea of blue surrounded by the deep red of the counties on its borders and beyond. In the central part of the county, Champaign-Urbana is the nucleus of blue surrounded by a red perimeter. And a further microscopic examination will showcase that same pattern, as at the center of our community sits the University of Illinois, a bastion of mostly progressive professors, researchers, students, and administration.

And when it comes time to cast a ballot, this community places its trust in Gordy Hulten, a long time voice in the local Republican Party, and someone who tends to buck tradition when it comes to how to truly listen in a bipartisan way. 

I recently spoke with him about this past election, how he feels about the future of the country, and how to grab votes from both ends of the political spectrum.

Publisher Seth Fein talks with Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten about the 2016 election, how to win votes on both sides of the aisle, and more.

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