On Saturday night, The Highdive hosted two excellent Chicago bands: Pinebender and Dianogah. Both have been making music for over decade and this weekend’s show highlighted this fact — each band put on an excellent show. It also helped that the sound in The Highdive was stellar both in the audience and up on stage (as pointed out by Chris from Pinebender many, many times while they played). People trickled in during Pinebender’s set until there was a modest crowd by the start of Dianogah.

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While waiting for Dianogah to get set up, I wondered: why wasn’t this show as completely packed as I remember similar shows being back in the day? But then it occurred to me that I also was excited that this was an early show and I began to worry that I was starting to act like an old man reminiscing about the “good old days,” so I decided to be happy with the modest turn out and just enjoy the show. And enjoy the show I did.

Photos by David Cubberly